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2014 Renault Capture Complete Reviews

Monday, January 28th 2013. | Renault

2014 Renault Capture As the newest crossover launched by Renault, 2014 Renault Capture has early announced ahead of its debut on 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March. Overall details are unveiled yet, but as it revealed first, the 2014 Renault Captur will be highly customizable hatchback. Be highly noticeable and stand out from one of the top cars in UK, the Capture will be respected through its distinct design and functionality. Its styling boast the SUV badge in the same of the driving position flavor, but inside the cabin there will be more space and highly customizable area that found on the MPV format. Combining the driving agility and enjoyment actually are sounding great, till we reveal it on its world premiere date release.

Renault Capture Exterior

2014 Renault Captur Front View

2014 Renault Captur Rear View

Covering the 2014 Renault Capture will be finished with new two-flavor color scheme enhancement to offer an attractive contrast between the roof and pillar even on the rest body frame. Have 4, 12 meter in length possibly to allow as much space as expected for passengers to enjoy the spacious cabin. Even, if you plan to brings such bulk stuff, the cargo impressively in great amount.
As the typical SUV was built in common also the 2014 Renault Capture designed to have raised ground clearance. Such those feature in the 2014 Renault Capture will be combined to the compact volumes, longer wheelbase but still maintain the comfort as the main priority to result the versatile hatchback. Then, knowing the key aspects, it will struggle on pavement and enjoy driving on the road. Simply conclude to its versatility, the 2014 Renault Capture boast the agility and driving enjoyment.

Renault Capture Interior

2014 Renault Captur Interior

Takes advantages from the Renault Clio, as the result the 2014 Renault Capture will bigger on its boot. The 2014 Renault Capture  interior design constructed with dimensions that allowing flexibility and innovative arrangement storage space. Fun color and attractive pattern will adorn alongside with the functional utilities and equipments. Guarantee the comfort and convenience while on driving, the features such as hands-free smart entry, hill start assist, R-Link touchscreen multimedia center, Bluetooth connectivity, streaming audio are offered. To say the interior feel is much like MPV vehicle. This large boot and mounted driving position will obvious. With the innovative storage there will be enough space to store your stuff. The availability of the rear parking sensor,  2014  Renault Capture is equipped with such up-market equipment.


2014 Renault Captur Engine

There still no detail part on its heart for now. In exact there are two engine options: petrol and diesel. Yet 2014 renault capture  engine specification is not revealed yet, but Renault confirmed about this engine strength: The newest Renault Capture will boast the fuel efficiency and low emissions.
In my opinion, the 2014 Renault Capture  engine and transmission is very good. This car use the 900cc TCe90 Energi-3 Cylinder with turbo petrol energy. The engine diesel technology has been improved from the latst Renault technologies and ade the best fuel consumption and les CO2 emission, its about 96g/km.


I don’t get the valid price of 2014 Renault Capture price, but in my calculation its between $20,000-$30,000. It so much cheap than 2012 Corvette 427. If you have any information, please share in this comment below.

2014 Renault Capture Galeries


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